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Project Management

The firm offers planning, control and coordination of a project from conception to completion (including commissioning) on behalf of a client. It identifies the Client’s objectives in terms of utility, function, quality, time, cost and establishment of relationships between resources. It involves integration, monitoring and control of the contributors to the project and their output, evaluation and selection of alternatives in pursuit of the client’s satisfaction with the project outcome. This service is therefore geared towards on increased managerial effort to undertake construction projects towards achieving the intended project objectives. The Firm’s training and experience in financial and contractual matters coupled with detail knowledge of construction process facilitates effective project management services.

Feasibility Studies And Development Appraisals

The firm offers this service with the a view to making effective investment decisions with a view to identify investments that yield positive returns and contribute to the prosperity of stake holders. It aims to prepare a developer’s budget and other matters concerned with the developer’s appraisal of a proposed project. The methods of approximate estimating for preliminary estimation are suitably used during the consultation and feasibility stages of construction project. This service focuses on both time scales and cost/value for money with the aim of achieving an adequate return on the capital invested.

Cost Planning And Estimates

This involves preparing budgetary estimates for preliminary designs for a proposed project with a view to provide the Client with an overall budget figure for the proposed project. In so doing, advice is provided to the Client on the most effective planning process with regards finances to achieve the prospective budget.

Preparation Of Contract Documents And Bills Of Quantities

The firm offers preparation of Bills of Quantities together with other bidding documents for purposes of prospective Contractors to competitively bid for the project with the view point of getting the best offer that a construction project can be constructed for. These Bills of Quantities can also be used to procure loans for construction purposes as this is now becoming a norm requirement with most banking Institutions.

Contract Documents are prepared, monitored and enforced to provide an effective tool of Contract administration for Services offered by the successful Contractor and the Client.

Value Engineering and management

This service involves critically reviews of budget estimates and Bills of quantities against design to establish the most optimum design against building cost with a view point of executing a Client prospective project within the limited budget so provided by the Client

Contract Administration

This involves administering a construction project with a view to maintaining the terms and conditions of the contract including but not limited to administering of payments for the works, provision of financial appraisals to the client etc.

Cash Flow Planning

This service constitutes the generation of a cash flow projection based on the contract duration and anticipated work to be done at various scheduled pre-set milestones which serves to guide the Client on the periodic payments to be made out the Contractor throughout construction to completion / commissioning of the complete project

Settlement of Final Accounts

At the end of the project, at commissioning of the works, the service aims to tie up all payments made versus outstanding payments due to be made for works actually executed by the Contractor on the Project. This involves reconciliation of figures and quantities with the Contractor to ascertain the true/actual amount of the project (on behalf of the Client) and recommend any outstanding payments to be made to the Contractor by the Client.

Dispute Resolution

Majority of disputes in the construction projects relate or revolve around cost issues and practically all have some forms of financial or cost implication. Disputes that result in construction projects find themselves in arbitration, which is a dispute outside courts. These have however led to high costs of construction and make the task of successfully completing the project work almost unattainable. This service aims at resolving disagreements not only between Client and Contractor but also with Consultants.

Value for Money Audits

This service primarily looks to satisfy the Employers they are asked a fair and proper price for the work undertaken by way of audit of building cost. This helps clarify to the Client the precision of the Cost compared along with the specification or quality of work and workmanship involved there-in.

These services are offered for a variety of projects including Residential Housing Estates, Specialized Buildings, Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings, and Schools, Public Buildings e.g. Markets, Bus Parks and Hotels.

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